Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hawaii Golf Course - Stages 2 & 3

Now we are at the really ugly stages. I continue working all over the painting, laying in color upon color, keeping in mind value, and temperature, and beginning to consider edges. Big shapes are starting to be detailed a bit more into smaller shapes. I spent the most time on the cloud formation, as the sky and clouds are the only areas that I blend when working in pastel. I use my fingertips, so in this painting I've worn off about 3 layers of skin already, since I'm working on sanded paper and the sky is a considerable part of the painting. I'll have to send my sister a bill for the band-aids I'll be wearing for the next few days!

This is a moody scene, as the sky is somewhat overcast, so I've played Ian Tyson's "Yellowhead to Yellowstone and Other Love Stories" CD about 3 times while I work on this. It's sad and moody & believe it or not, it really helps me get into the painting. Weird, yes, but whatever works.

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