Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mountain Bluebird

We ended up getting 34 inches of snow, starting Thursday afternoon and ending Saturday morning. Yikes! That's the biggest snowfall we've had this year. It's a good thing the weather will warm up this week so we can melt it away.

The mountain bluebirds had arrived, and the females were busy investigating our bird boxes. When the snow started, they headed down to a lower elevation to wait it out. I'm hoping they will return this week to start nesting......they are late this year due to our colder, wetter than normal weather. I guess I was thinking of them when I decided to paint this little 8" x 10" oil on gallery wrapped canvas. I love to see those quick flashes of bright blue as they dart around during the summer, and the fledglings are always fun to watch as they venture out into the world. They and the hummingbirds are a sure sign of summer in the mountains.

1 comment:

Ida M. Glazier said...

Love this little bird, Deb. Great shape and color here.