Saturday, May 15, 2010

Water Lily

Well, after finishing the Lily Pond painting, I decided to paint a close-up of a water lily. This is a small oil painting, only 5" x 7".

I'll not be posting here for a week or so, as I'm attending a workshop near Denver. The instructor is Albert Handell, who I consider to be one of the finest American artists, so I'm really excited about it. An added bonus is that Lorenzo Chavez, whose work I also admire greatly, will be participating in the workshop, also. Lorenzo just gave my pastel painting "Winter Silence" a Merit Award in the Sunny Vista Art Show in Colorado Springs, so I will have the opportunity to thank him in person!


Jo Castillo said...

This is lovely. In enjoyed the wip of the lily pond, too. Have fun at the workshop. I'm a little jealous. Heh, heh.

crystal said...

Wow, we have a new Monet!