Thursday, December 9, 2010

Autumn Majesty

OK, back to painting. It's the best way to heal......well, it's what I know, anyway!

This guy took the better part of a week to finish, but I think I'm there now. He's big, for me, anyway.....20" x 24", oil on stretched canvas. Mule deer are making a comeback around here. After not seeing many of them for years due to their numbers being depleted because of "wasting disease", now I'm seeing them again in big numbers. Nature has a way of righting itself, even when man has interfered and messed it up. We need to remember that.

Credit for the fantastic photograph that I worked from goes to John Wagner of Dinosaur, Colorado, a wonderful wildlife photographer that I have the privilege of knowing through Facebook! Thanks, John, for your generous permission to use this incredible shot. It was lots of fun to paint.

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