Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Above Camp Lake

This is the time of year when I start thinking about taking those high country horseback rides. There's still plenty of snow on the high trails now, but in a few weeks we should be able to make our way through the melting drifts. It's a long ride, but very worth it to take in such breathtaking views.....something you don't get to see from the roads.

Here's a pastel painting I did of one of my favorite high country places. Just off the Rawah Wilderness Trail are two lakes, Lower and Upper Camp Lakes. The trail ends at Upper Camp Lake, but if you can make your way through the high meadow bogs (which can be dangerous for horses) you eventually end up crossing a beautiful meadow laden with mountain wildflowers. At the crest of the hill, you can view the next mountain range and the small ponds below.....usually there are elk or mountain sheep to view. It's a place I look forward to seeing at least once every summer.

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