Thursday, June 24, 2010

Limber Pine Tree

I've been too busy with horses, fencing, garden work, etc. to paint lately. So early this morning I set out to catch the good light. Found my spot, set up the easel and pastels, and went to work. Unfortunately, the mosquitos were also up early, and even though I had bug spray, they were incredibly horrid! I guess that's what we get after such a wet winter and spring....I've never seen them this bad before! So I did a quick color sketch, took a photo, and got the H out of there!!!! Back at the studio, I completed this painting.

I like to paint these limber pine as they always have so much individual character. They can live up to two thousand years (!), but I'm guessing this guy is about 100...hard to say. Unfortunately, we are losing many of them, because of the pine beetle infestation. But today this guy was healthy and happy, and I was happy to find him doing well.

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Ida M. Glazier said...

Deb, I also saw this on WC and thought it was very nice. Good comp, and great color and tree. What is a Limber Tree? I don't think I know anything about them. Its a very nice work, tho!!