Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Plein Air Paintings....same subject

Here are two plein air paintings of the same subject. While riding, I discovered this tent set up in the National Forest, just 2 miles from my home. It looks as if someone has left it there for weekend visits, as no one was around. Liking how the light and shadows from the aspen trees play on the tent, I decided to do quick (1 hour or less!) plein air paintings, one in pastel, and one in oil.

You can see that they are pretty rough.....that's what limiting yourself to an hour does! They were done on successive days, but the pastel is an hour or so earlier in the day, which makes a difference in the shadows and the lighting. After getting them home, I was tempted to work on them some more, to "spiff them up" a bit, but then decided against it. They are better references if I leave them as they are.

I left a bit of tape showing on the pastel (where I had the paper taped to the board). The colors are a bit different, also, as I was limited in pastel use.....I forgot to bring any yellows and had one I limited the amount of sky!

It's always a challenge painting outside!

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